Ranjita Ravi

Ranjita Ravi

Co-Founder & Director – Orxa Energies

Her Story

An MBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris, she has worked 10+ years in Sales, Marketing and Internal Audit, and has worked on assignments in 20+ countries across 5 continents.

“At Orxa Energies, Our vision is to “Rapidly Electrify All Transport”. Bangalore-based, we started our journey in 2015, to build Swap-Ready Lithium-ion battery technology & Highperformance fully electric vehicles. Our proprietary Battery modules & Battery Management Systems are designed for use across vehicle types. We have validated our modular packs with pilots & orders on auto & aero systems: 2Ws, 3Ws, defence, UAV, etc.” says Orxa.

Orxa has raised funds from GAIL Ltd & an Angel Investor. We are Airbus Bizlabsaccelerated & won a prestigious, highly advanced R&D project from Airbus Defence & Space, France. We are a DIPP recognized startup and registered as an MSME. Our customers include Airbus, L&T, TATA Advanced Systems, Continental, Atul Auto, General Aeronautics, and others.

Her Company

Orxa Energies is a high-performance electric vehicle and energy systems startup.

Her Achievements

In April 2021, we have received ARAI certification for our automotive battery packs.
One of the projects we won during the lockdown, was from L&T and TATA Advanced Systems. The objective of the project is to design from scratch, develop and build 5 prototypes of a special-purpose, fully electric vehicle for a Defence project. The total value of this project for us is INR 1.4+Cr. the project started in Jun 2020. In Feb 2021, the working model was displayed in AEROINDIA 2021!

Value for customers: Serving the country in Lockdown: Our batteries used in disinfection operations of 3 Lakh Sq Mts for COVID-19 and in pesticide spraying for Locusts. General Aeronautics, our UAV customer, has done over 250 missions during the lockdown, in 3 cities and covered 3 lakh sq. mts with just 8 Orxa Packs. The UAVs with Orxa’s packs were sent massive disinfection operations in Karnataka & Odisha. Each disinfection sortie per pack enables us to disinfect 1.5 Acres in just 15 mins! And we swap the packs to continue the disinfection. We are now discussing a 1500-2000 pack order with them.

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