Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta

Founder – Scaled.AI

Her Story

“While authoring books on Women Entrepreneurs that were published by IIM Bangalore, I got an opportunity to connect with numerous entrepreneurs across the country. I happened to ask them their most significant challenge that they faced while starting their venture. The most common answer they said was the difficulty they faced in providing the right customer experience of their products. They mentioned that offline marketing is expensive and cumbersome – That’s how Scaled AI was envisioned. Quitting my job during Covid was not an easy decision to make but I did it anyway. It has been an amazing journey until now. “ says Priyanka.

Her Company

Scaled AI is not about marketing; but the right customer experience. It uses a data driven approach enabling brands to increase their reach and drive sales by connecting them to vetted shortterm rental properties for product placements. It increases brand visibility, customer experience and sales. It is one stop solution for your offline marketing needs where you can provide customers the experience of your products at fraction of the cost.

Her Achievements

  • Signed a contract with one of the biggest companies in the Bath and Body works industry. Already had multiple rounds of discussion with Its its sister brand and 2 rounds of discussion with one of the biggest brand in the Ed Tech segment who recently raised its latest round of funding in November, 2020.

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