Lathika Raghunathan

Lathika Raghunathan

CEO – Mimo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Her Story

Prior to this, Lathika has worked as and Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics and Lady Shriram College respectiveExecutive Director of Mann Technologies where, in addition to assisting the business establishment, she looked after forecasting financial demands, strategizing and developing relationships with potential financial institutions. Her role was beyond anticipation; she was responsible for vetting ideas and scenarios.

Over the years, Lathika has developed a firm understanding of the business, speculating situations by analysing their merits and demerits. She is also known for her in-depth understanding of mobile payments strategy, team management and management consultancy. Her keen interest in business development and strategy has led to her continuous involvement with Mann as India’s resident specialist. She has even been instrumental in creating new markets in Colombia and other countries. She has a Master’s ly.

Her Company

MIMO provides delivery and task associate solutions across India · Put the MIMO Network to work · MIMO is operating in multiple industry segments.

MIMO Technologies proposes a framework to unlock long-term value from rural markets and become a high performance business .The framework is headed by market focus and position involving selection of rural markets—a combination of products and geographies, which can best generate long-term value for the company

Her Achievements

  • Featured by as Delhi-based Mimo Technologies connects telcos, banks, insurance firms, and logistics companies to customers in semi-urban and rural India with its network of trained, on-ground agents.
  • Featured by Business World as Wonder Women In Tech: The Doers

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