Hema Shantharam

Hema Shantharam

Initial Investor, Co-founder, Business Development – – Prakat Solutions

Her Story

I started my entrepreneurs journey when I was 16 years used to sell sarees. Today, I am Investor and Co-founder at Prakat , I do mentor rural women .I am alumni at IIMB and IIM Lucknow, accessibility was my passion area and we have that as one of segments at Prakat since it’s inception.

Hema Shantharam is also a Covid Volunteer at National level, active on social media, working with a UK based doctor to aggregate PPE manufactures and have a consolidated platform for them. She is also working with a National group to raise funds to help hospitals buy PPEs from the funds raised.

Hema has been in touch with Holistic healers and ensures to help doctors with meditation. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher working with several groups of people for mental wellbeing.

Her Company

Prakat is a technology solutions company specializing in test engineering, accessibility engineering, product engineering and application modernization. Prakat drives business transformation in the digital age through the modernization of software testing and accessibility.

The company partners with clients to create transparent, value-based relationships by leveraging the extensive experience of its team and by providing innovative solutions. Prakat is an ISO 9001-certified company with several Fortune 500 partner customers including Oracle, Intuit, SAP, Ariba, the World Health Organization, Altisource Europe, Athena Healthcare, Walmart Myntra, Charter Communications, Truecare, Modiv Health, ezEMRx, Catalyst Repository Systems, and many more.

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