Dolly Sharan

Dolly Sharan

Founder – AI ALCHEMY

Her Story

Though we have been in the event industry since 2005 (Orane) , but our journey with AI ALCHEMY started in 2021. Thought behind it – we realized that due to the pandemic and continuous lock downs , the student sector was missing out a lot in terms of education and training . Our idea was to provide them with a skill set for their development in their respective fields . So we got together with a team highly accomplished in Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning and started off with training students . Our faculty members are holder of masters degree from various European universities. Our Mission – to train and provide internship to as many candidates possible . 2 to 10 While relentlessly training and imparting knowledge we came across a couple of overseas companies who wanted to partner with us . These companies are located in Europe and USA . The projects are from United Nations . Our candidates (Interns ) are from IIT Delhi and Private Engineering colleges NCR .

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