Anuradha Agarwal

Anuradha Agarwal

Founder – Multibhashi

Her Story

“I was first approached by some women who faced a lack in confidence only because of their inability to speak in English. I then told them about websites and apps to learn the language from but the feedback I got was that it is too time consuming nor is it efficient. So, I sat them down to understand their difficulties and created simple, everyday dialogues in English they can practice. They loved it! So that’s how it started. “says Anuradha. She then created 100+ small animated videos which was a Hindi to English conversion on Facebook which became really popular (40k likes). She realized the market opportunity and formally quit Dexter Capital in July 2016 to focus on Multibhashi.

Her Company

Multibhashi is an ed-tech platform that facilitates online learning in an effective and innovative manner through the medium of audio-visual training sessions and app-based learning. It is a leader in providing learning solutions in various spheres. It is also one of the most trusted service providers in the business to the business area with its incomparable expertise in translation, transcription, content development, etc. in Indian as well as foreign languages. 

Her Achievements

  • The first product was launched in Dec 2016. By July 2017, they had 1 lakh installs which is when they raised their first round of funding.
  • They have successfully raised Rs. 8.45 Crores from July 2017 till date.